Why You Should Become An Android Developer

Living in the age of the web, it’s a great time to be alive. It’s also a great time to be an Android developer! With the Android operating system flourishing at three times the activation rate of the iOS, the Google-owned software has become a major platform in just 7 years.

The open-source nature of the Android operating system has been listed as one of its defining strengths, and its allowing for extensive customisation has made fans out of developers and companies alike. With tutorials and developer tools easily available over the Internet (such as this directory of Android generator tools), Android software developers have convenient access to information and guides online.

But what do Android developers work with? For starters, they have a good knowledge of:

  • The Android open source ecosystem, software and hardware,
  • Good open source libraries (like this one),
  • Java fundamentals,
  • The annoying issues referred to as “jank”,
  • Android’s many, many versions,
  • Android’s many, many screen sizes, resolutions, and pixel densities,

… and many other skills as well!

The Android platform is a playground for all. Here at HackerTrail, we’re upping the odds and making it a challenge for all. In collaboration with online grocery deliverer RedMart, our online coding challenge for Android developers is offering prizes such as a Parrot Jumping Sumo, Best Denki vouchers, and even a full-time job as an Android Engineer at RedMart!

Enter now. Challenge closes 13 February 2016!

Header image source: http://www.stgrdev.com/

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