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Hola folks!

I’m Tushar, hacker turned hustler and part of the founding team @ HackerTrail, a cloud-based recruitment solution. We built this product to solve a very practical problem – to connect the right people with the right opportunity. And we’re working hard towards making IT recruitment as frictionless as possible. It’s a big ask and a big task, and we’re glad to have you with us on this journey.

This blog will serve as our way to share what we’ve learnt about owning and growing a career, and some tips and tricks to help each of us get ahead. We’ve barely scratched the surface with this, so a few questions to help us make this better:

  • Do you like the posts we’ve got on here?
  • What would you like us to cover? Salary reviews? Company highlights? AMA sessions with CTOs?
  • What is the ONE thing that you think will help you with your career?

The best suggestion every month will win a surprise gift, as a token of my appreciation for your effort. Reach out in any way you’d like – post a comment below / email me at tt@hackertrail.com  / or tweet me @tushartejuja

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