Understanding The Gen Y Candidate: Who Are They, What Do They Want?

Picture this: Young adult, full of ambition and creativity, with their nose constantly glued to a smartphone. Boom – you’ve got yourself a typical Generation Y person.

Gen Ys are the millennials of our society. They are born after 1980, and most of them are recent college graduates. Though they may be more individualistic than previous generations, this translates into Gen Y employees as being highly innovative and self-driven. They take pride in what they do, and they do it fast – which is why they are so attractive in the IT scene!

However, to understand how to talk to and work with these special group of people, we at HackerTrail think that it is important to first understand what is going on in their head. In this article, we dissect the Gen Y brain.

What MOTIVATES them?
Technical assignments, for they are extremely tech-savvy. Technology becomes a platform for them to show off their skills and competence in the digital sphere.

The feeling of importance drives them. If you let them feel like they are contributing significant works to your company, they are more likely to understand and love what they do and perform accordingly.

Day-to-day excitement. This refers to anything wacky your company might be able to pull up within the office, conveniently: For example, checkered shirt day, or bring-your-own-beer day!

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WHAT do they want?
Flexibility within the working environment. To the Gen Y, flexibility does not immediately translate into performance, and sometimes they do prefer to work from home or in a nearby Starbucks just for the sake of breathing new air.

Fast career progression. Gen Ys are unabashedly selfish and self-absorbed — they were told from a young age that they were the cream of the crop and were born for greatness. In this fast-paced world, slowness and stagnancy in the workplace is a sure sign for them that they are set for failure.

Opportunities for growth, development and travel. Given their ambitious personality, Gen Ys are constantly looking out for the next big thing, and this includes classic training programmes which they consider self-evident as a form of reward in return for good performance.

(Adapted from — https://www.smartrecruiters.com/blog/decoding-gen-y-job-interview-questions/)

WHERE are they?
Gen Ys live and breathe social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube… You get the drift. A great way to recruit good candidates most suitable for your job is to scout on social media as a pre-interview round to access their personality and professionalism.

In the office, they’re probably beside the ping-pong table or by the pantry. They would be willing to take their laptops to these fun-loving areas, just for the sake of feeling closer to a state of leisure. The line between work and play does not exist for Gen Ys! Make sure that your workspace is attractive to them, one that they can thrive in.

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