Scored yourself a developer-role interview at an MNC? Here’s what to expect.



Good on you for scoring that interview at a developer position many coders are wide-eyed for! While MNCs are (obviously) companies that have thousands of employees, we know that getting an interview with them is still a huge deal. You’re one in a million, and we’re here to help you show exactly that.

This is what you need to be very aware of before the interview day, and the kind of questions you need to enquire before you begin this next phase of your career!

o   The roles at MNCs are specific, not generic.

You are expected to be a jack of a few trades, but essentially master of one. 

In a sense, this may be a good challenge for you to pick up new skills as well as hone existing ones that may have taken a back seat in previous jobs.

o   You will be interviewing for a specific business unit.

You need to understand how this department fits in with the company. Every business unit has a specific purpose, and is segregated for a reason. Research for your business unit’s significance, and how it works differently from the rest of the other business units within the MNCs.

o   You will be put through multiple interviews.

Some with technical people and others with business people. The number of interviews can range from 3 to 10, with most coming in at the 4 or 5 mark.

o   Try and get an understanding of the entire interview process, and the role of each interviewer.

The HR team should be able to help you with this information. Will the interviews require you to take aptitude tests? Do on-the-spot reaction scenarios, or require you to come back with proposals?

As for the interviewers, do a quick search of their names on LinkedIn, match their names to their faces so it’ll be easier for you to address them on the interview day.

You should also familiarise yourself with what each interviewer does in the company, so you get a gist of how you will work with them in the future. This is also your chance for you to show them how you can contribute to the team, lighten their workload, and so on.

o   Expect a fairly lengthy process.

This ranges from 2 to 6 weeks in most cases, and every round of interview matters. MNCs are well-known to shortlist candidates via elimination, so it’s a cut-throat competition and you have to be on your best at any point in time. Be well-prepared, learn to think quickly on your feet and you’re good to go! 

o   You should use the interview to understand the following:
  • Will your role be more front office (helping the business generate revenue) or back office (support internal business processes)?
  • What level of training will be provided to you?
  • Is this a replacement role or a brand new one?
  • Who will be your day to day line manager? Will you have other indirect managers as well
  • What is the growth trajectory of this role? Does it match your personal career aspirations?

Here, we’ve provided more than enough questions for you to ask them at the end of the interview. These questions will show them that you’ve properly thought through the job scope, and highlight to them that you’re indeed very serious about taking on a job at their MNC.

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