On the Hunt for Software Developers – Again!

After two highly successful HackerHunt, we were back to give Software Developers – and their prospective employers – the ultimate recruitment event of the tech industry! Riding on the wave of our first two events, we at HackerTrail, saw about 75 zealous candidates meeting top employers for our third edition of HackerHunt on the 17th July.
This time around we had more than 900 applicants from the start, after which our proprietary relevance algorithm and gamified technical assessments distilled this number down to 100 to whom exclusive invitations were sent. What this really means is that HackerTrail cuts through the inefficiencies of a traditional recruitment firm thus giving birth to an exclusive speed-recruiting event without sacrificing on quality.
Team Structo
In fact, our invite-only HackerHunt is designed to connect top tech talents with top employers seamlessly. To avoid any conflict of interest, we are careful not to invite any candidate whose present employers are participating in the event. That is HackerTrail’s promise of speed while preserving professionalism.
“I really like the idea behind HackerHunt because it allows us, developers, to meet the right companies – wonderful idea! Thank you HackerTrail!”
– a satisfied HackerHunt participant
HackerHunt in progress
For candidates, the process is straightforward: Simply go to https://www.hackertrail.com/m/hackerhunt , apply for the relevant job role and drop off your resume. After that, all you need to do is to wait for a reply from us! If you meet the screening criteria, we will send you an exclusive promo code.
For employers, the upside of attending a HackerHunt is evident. A whopping total of 84 follow-up interviews have already been arranged post-July 17th – despite each employer having a different hiring requirement. Just ask Codigo, Visa , ZUZU, RedMart, PropertyGuru, Singapore Press Holdings, Structo, Titansoft or FWD, each of whom walked away with a decent number of shortlisted candidates thanks to our proprietary analytics.
Team Codigo
Tonight’s HackerHunt has been fantastic. In just a few hours, we managed to go through countless Developers across different roles, types and skill sets!”
– Hiring Team, Codigo
As always, our HackerHunts come with chilled beers and a delicious buffet dinner. That night, we even had ciders on the house too – if that’s your preference! But even without the booze, we’d say it’s a good event for both employees and employers in the tech world.
But if you missed the past 3 HackerHunt events for whatever reason, no need to fret. On the 29th of August, we’re hosting yet another one for frontend, backend or full-stack software developers. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to inch closer to that dream tech job, register with us today!
Keen on joining the event? Register your interest HERE!
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