Meet HackerTrail, a fast-growing HR Tech business, where tech talent gets hired!

HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment platform, which focuses solely on the IT industry. The company was founded in 2014 by Tushar Tejuja, a seasoned tech expert previously from the banking sector. Tushar set out to solve the pain points he himself experienced when hiring technology professionals.

Although the business initially focused on technical assessments, it soon grew to incorporate more aspects of the recruitment cycle. Proprietary technologies and algorithms were developed to match registered candidates with relevant opportunities and employers, and it wasn’t long before the business had created its own machine learning engine, specifically focused on technical hiring. In some areas HackerTrail’s matching capability has exceeded the capabilities of most human recruiters, which means that profiles can be recommended to hirers directly, without manual intervention. This automation makes the HackerTrail operation significantly more cost-effective than a traditional recruitment agency, and means the company’s clients benefit in the form of lower recruitment fees and a significantly reduced time-to-hire.

Each month, more employers turn to HackerTrail for their technology hiring. This has created an enviable and fast-growing list of clients, including DBS, UOB, Singtel, Bank of Singapore, Accenture, Visa, GovTech and many more. In 2018 the company grew by 400% and plans for 2019 include new offices in India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Very soon recruitment activities should also commence in the USA.

What does this mean for employers?

HackerTrail’s technology platform leverages sophisticated digital marketing, an active community of technology professionals, and a wide variety of third party platforms to source thousands of new IT professionals every month – all very specific to HackerTrail’s core capability. These are then curated and screened automatically by a combination of parsing, matching and gamified assessment technologies. Job types supported include software developers, data scientists, cloud architects, business analysts, QA, DevOps, and support engineers. It is this sharp focus, combined with automation, that allows HackerTrail to process applications in much higher volume than a recruiter-led agency. For HackerTrail, this has created the opportunity to deploy an advanced sourcing strategy, and to leverage tools, technologies, and techniques that are beyond the skillsets and budgets of most internal and agency recruiters. Ultimately this means HackerTrail’s clients get to choose from a much larger pool of potential candidates, and have the means to measure technical competency without using expensive third party tools. All of this results in wider choice, more accurate screening, jobs filled more quickly, less effort, and lower cost.

To illustrate this, in a recent collaboration with GovTech in Singapore, more than 3,000 candidates were processed for a handful of job types. Of these, 62 were interviewed in a single afternoon, and 26 were offered full-time employment. In a similar case, OCBC hired 12 VPs in one day – the result of HackerTrail sourcing and screening more than 1,000 applications.

HackerTrail’s goal is to bring a more efficient technical hiring process to employers across the APAC region, and later to expand globally, before looking at other verticals such as engineering, medicine and certain parts of finance.

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What does this mean for tech candidates?

HackerTrail is as committed to its platform users as it is to its clients. Its strategy is to provide technology professionals with the information, tools, education, and training to become more proficient technically, and more employable. When candidates sign up, they are guided through a series of gamified challenges, and will soon be provided with a suite of training options, focused both on technical aptitude and on interviewing skills.

The long-term vision is to build the world’s largest and richest community of technical professionals, which allows employers and job seekers to find each other, communicate, and decide if there’s a fit, all without human intervention.

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