How To Know If Your Boss Is Doing Right By You



Let’s face it: How much you enjoy a job is not just determined by the scope or salary, but may really depend on the kind of boss you work for. There has to be the right compatibility in working styles, and willingness to be flexible. Your boss should also lead you while you work, not just throw tasks at you. But of course, there is no perfect perfect person nor boss.

How should you at least gauge if you are being treated fairly well by your boss? What should you look out for in a potential upper study for the next job that you are considering to take?

HackerTrail recommends:

3 parts to a fulfilling job:

  • Ample opportunity for skill update.
    You need an environment where you can implement what you’re good at, and hone your skills further.
  • Ability to learn new skills.
    This is done either organically on the job from peers, or via external training provided by the company.
  • Ability to experiment with your learnings
    Good companies encourage innovation, experimentation, making mistakes, and learning from co-workers.

Your boss should…

  • Help you settle in to your new role / new department / new company
  • Communicate the expectations of your role clearly, in a structured manner
  • Accept criticism regardless of whether the critic may be ‘junior’
  • Allow you enough wiggle room so you can perform optimally
  • Allow for open conversations on next stages of your career growth
  • Gratify you when you exceed expectations
  • Clearly flag opportunities for improvement in you

Always review if you’re working for the right person. Your boss can empower you to have a fulfilling career – and if they’re not doing so, it may be time for you to look elsewhere.

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