How to find a Job you love?

Do you ever wonder what’s the formula to find a great job? A company that does work you love, has office and people you would like, awesome salary, envious benefits work life balance etc etc… a nutshell a job that you would love.

The trick lies in knowing about the company, job role, culture, people, facilities and other things that are important to you, before accepting the job offer.

Oh wait! Job offer?? Is there a way to get one, apart from praying after submitting the resume?

“Hell yes! You dont believe me? Alright, spend 2 more minutes and finish reading this, I betcha you will.”

HackerTrail is the answer. But let me warn you right here, it’s not a shortcut it requires work, hard work.

What I can assure you is, it will be work done in right direction that will yield results for sure.

On one hand it will help you shine out from the crowd by giving you an opportunity to do more than just dropping a resume and on the other hand will give you all the information you need about the company.

All you need to do is,

  1. Register on
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Click on hot jobs
  4. Apply by
    • submitting a resume
    • solving the challenge
  5. Sit and relax
    • We will send you all the information about the company
    • You can use Live Chat or whats app us on +6583181901 to get any clarifications you need
    • We will inform you about all the developments and next steps to be taken

Not enough? Alright you demanding fella! You can send us your questions for the hiring manager and we will help you get them answered.

Happy 🙂 ……. What, No!?

Hummmmmm….. ok! There are awesome prizes to be won if you crack the coding challenges. Prizes range from drones to apple watch to macbook and many more!

Know more about us, visit .

Send me your questions, feedback, suggestions, comments, I’m all ears.

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