Fresh Graduates: Should You Work For A Startup?

You just threw your graduation hat in the air. You’re excited about finding your first job. You have student loan debts. You feel like the world is at your feet. You’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time… And you don’t even know if mom is cooking dinner for you tonight.

At such a stage of your life where you pretty much just got a hold on the reins of life, with nothing much to lose but fear and mistakes, should you be looking for a first full-time job at a startup rather than a big, well-known corporation?


MNCs and big companies may seem daunting to fresh graduates who are new to the working world, but in this article, we argue that startups are an initial, necessary springboard into a successful career.

Here are three simple (yet extremely significant!) reasons why fresh graduates should work at startups as soon as they graduate:

  • Jack Of All Trades

Sure, you only applied for a CTO job at a startup with your computing college degree… But expect to have several other roles thrown in. For instance, you will be approached by marketing for your response to a Facebook post they’re about to shoot, or you might even be asked to make a twenty-second pitch to that new person at the office.

More often than not, a fresh graduate who just entered a startup will be asked to wear different hats wherever help is needed. This does not necessarily refer to overloading or doing someone else’s work! Because at the end of the day, your main job is to help the startup grow, and these side tasks will be consistent with this very purpose.

You see, working at a start-up as a fresh graduate is not so much about learning the ropes up the career ladder. It’s about learning – first and foremost – where your passions and skills really lie in the workforce, and how to nurture these talents exponentially for life.

  • Real Time Experience

Unlike laborious assignments you’ve been doing throughout your college life, such as debating on feminist theories or second-guessing scientific frameworks, working at a startup will actually give you the opportunity to change your environment.

If you’re working passionately enough, you’ll see an immediate change of climate in your company’s industry as you put in hours and effort into the mission of your company. People start to recognise you, and you will realise that you are indeed making a name for yourself as the months go by.

  • You Have The Power

The agency you’ll receive in a startup is probably one of the reasons why professionals from different industries are willing to give up their high-paying (but awfully boring) jobs for the rush and excitement of actually managing something real. 

You get to make real decisions, with expectations you set for yourself. You also get to see through the execution of your decisions from start to finish.

But remember this – with great power, comes great responsibility. The startup will only go as far as you take it… Make sure to nurture it well, and in return you might find that the startup is gaining enough traction to pay back your college loans, or even get you that $5m dream house.

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