Do you think an Assessment = a Dream Job?

If your answer is No, read on and think again. If it is Yes, this post will tell you how to ace the assessments.

In today’s competitive job space where it might not be so difficult to get ‘A Job’ but is definitely very difficult to get a ‘Good Job’, assessments are playing an important role. More and more companies are investing time, effort and energy to use right kind of assessments to hire right candidates. There are companies that specialize in assessments to help employers hire better talent and for candidates to shine out in the crowd. [ HackerTrail is one of them 🙂 .]

Interestingly, the more senior the role, more likely an employer is to use an assessment. The tools vary from aptitude and personality tests to coding challenges to business scenario cases. Some assessments are in the form of challenges / games to make them fun.

Here is a very interesting article from ‘Harvard Business Review’ on how to Ace the Assessments and use them as an opportunity to shine.

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