RECRUITING TALENT IS HARD WORK! Sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates can end up taking months of effort, directly impacting business productivity. Here’s where we come in.

HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution for the technology industry, designed to source and connect the right candidates with the right employer. HackerTrail prevents interview fatigue and empowers hiring managers to focus their resources only on the right candidates. Most of our clients are provided with qualified and motivated candidates within two weeks of using our proprietary approach.

For hackers, we provide you with as much information as is available about the job and the company, empowering you to make an informed decision about a job opportunity even BEFORE you apply for the job. We invite you to take short challenges so your prospective employers can understand how you think, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

For employers, we go far beyond an open-ended job listing on a typical job board! We build awareness about your job opportunity and your brand using our proprietary tools. Once we have identified and engaged candidates, we invite them to participate in challenges that are specific to your job, making your selection process as meritocratic as possible. Drop us a note at info@hackertrail.com for a customised demo.

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