A Fresh Grad’s Insider Tip On Surviving Your First IT Job

In an increasingly competitive work environment, we’ve all been programmed to be solely focused on success and to perceive failure as a negative thing. But in the age of digital transformation, many companies are flipping the switch. They are starting to realize that failure creates an opportunity for us to think beyond and innovate which is imperative to business success. Rabiah echoed similar sentiments as she shares with us her recent experience as a IT developer and the immense learning opportunities that were granted during her stint.

Why did you join GovTech’s Technology Associate Programme?

I joined this programme because it provides me the flexibility in experiencing different kinds of IT areas and further discover what I’m passionate about. It also gives me greater exposure on what’s really out there in the working world, going beyond what was taught in school, simultaneously gaining new knowledge and hands-on experience.

Tell us about the culture at GovTech and what you like about it.

I really really really love the openness and collaborative culture and people at Hive. Everyone is very passionate and it’s even more wonderful that they are always enthusiastic in sharing and conveying their knowledge with one another. Continuous learning and sharing knowledge is another culture that I love about GovTech. I’ve been here for almost 6 months and the people around me feel more like my friends rather than colleagues, even those who are not within my team so that’s great!

How has TAP benefited you?

Before I officially started working, GovTech had a sharing session on some of the projects that we could work on and gave us the opportunity to decide which we were most interested in to try out as a way to kickstart our career. I think it is a great initiative because entering the working world as a fresh graduate can be a terrifying experience, as you don’t know what to expect, thus the sharing session really helped to ease my worries. Also, the freedom to choose gave me a sense of ownership over what I’m doing right now. Plus, TAP provides us with options to try out new things so it is amazing that I am able to gain various technical hands-on experiences to improve myself professionally and deliver quality work.

Share about the most interesting project you have worked on at GovTech.

I’m currently working on Business Grant Portal (BGP) as the backend development of the application. Working on this project gives me a sense of purpose because I’m helping to streamline the grant application processes so that it’ll be easier for both agencies and businesses to manage and track their grant applications in a more sustainable and efficient way.

Also, I have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on one of the top BPM softwares called Appian to handle the backend processes. It’s pretty cool how powerful bespoke software is in speeding up the development work as compared to the conventional way of coding everything from scratch, which could take years to finish given that BGP is quite a big project!

Share one key takeaway from the TAP programme

The TAP programme presents an abundance of opportunities. Willingness to learn is one of the essential qualities because it’s what keeps you motivated to experience new challenges and grow as an individual in both personal and professional aspects.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you can’t learn anything from being perfect. You should be familiar with this quote if you have watched The Haunted Mansion starring Eddie Murphy – “You try you fail, you try you fail. But the only true failure is when you stop trying”. So fail fast and learn faster!

What is the one advice you would give to those considering applying for the TAP programme?

BE BOLD. If you have the hunger to experience new challenges and innovative creative solutions via IT, join TAP for a fulfilling career. Believe in yourself and unleash your potential with GovTech!


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