A Fresh Grad At Her First Job

What’s it like working for a multi-national company with over 180,000 employees? Find out from one of the new employees at Capgemini, one of the world’s largest consulting, technology, and outsourcing companies. If you’re a fresh graduate hoping to land your first job, read on:

Gabrielle Fourmoy, Associate Consultant, Capgemini

1) What is it like working at client site as part of the Capgemini Graduate Program?

What is remarkable about working at the client site is that you start working from Day 1. You will contribute to the project right away, regardless the team you join. You get to collaborate with a skilled and knowledgeable team dedicated to achieve the same goal: deliver the project to the client’s expectations in terms of time, quality, and budget.

In addition, although we do not work face-to-face with our colleagues when we are on the client site, we still get constant support from them whenever needed.

2) What is one of your most valuable experiences so far?

Capgemini gives you multiple opportunities to grow different skills. You will get to meet people from different countries and of diverse backgrounds. I’ve worked onsite in the delivery of project, as well as on bid management. Looking back on the past year, I would say that one of my most valuable experiences in Capgemini was the ASE (Accelerated Solution Environment) I got to work on. The work was really intense but fulfilling, as there was a real team spirit. In two words, it was fun and enriching.

3) How have you been supported as a graduate?

Although sometimes people may be busy with project deliverables, they are always willing to spare some time to lend a hand and share knowledge. When you have a question or when you encounter a hurdle, you just have to send an email, or call for a colleague to help you. In addition, each graduate is assigned to a mentor who will provide you with the guidance and support so you can be successful.

Capgemini will give you opportunities and support, and the rest is up to you.

4) What would be your advice to graduates?

Capgemini looks for people who share the same values and are collaborative thinkers!

Be proactive; don’t wait for things to happen. Just be committed to self-development and be determined to make the most of the on-the-job opportunities Capgemini has to offer!


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