5 Must-Haves In Any Tech Professional’s Résumé

1. Explain your work history.

Do so in terms of the value you delivered, not the feature specifications. Don’t write “wrote scheduling feature.” Compare that to, “Wrote scheduling automation tool that dramatically improved sales staff productivity – increased meetings scheduled by 32% and reduced sales call time by 14%.” Most resume reviewers at the ‘top of the hiring funnel’ are not technical so won’t understand scheduling, but they do understand creating a more productive sales staff!

2. Differentiate titles and roles.

Just because your current employer calls you the Vice President of Javascript Ninjitsu doesn’t mean prospective employers will know what you were doing for two years. A simple Lead Front-end Developer will suffice. Generally, favour language that is commonplace and easy to skim.

3. Showcase your online presence.

This includes your social media links, online portfolio, LinkedIn profile and so on. Don’t be afraid to let companies “stalk you” – in the 21st century, it is almost an unspoken rule that the very first round of interviewing candidates would be done through skimming through their online presence, for the sake of testing credibility and suitability. 

4. Send samples.

If you want to write code, send a code sample.  Make sure it’s easy to read, well commented, adheres to readily accepted language standards and has a readme file.  Something significant, that isn’t a school project, is ideal.

5. Bark up the right tree.

Make sure you deal with the right person. If you want to be an engineer for company X, find someone with a senior title, preferably that works in a group you’re are interested in and find a way to get a code sample into their hands, resume too, but a good code sample is KING.  It takes a few minutes, tops, to see if someone writes clean, competent code. Once you convince someone that you can do that, they’ll spend some time reviewing your resume and talking with you.

Content adapted and curated from Quora, as of 5 Jan 2016.
Cover photo: Quora.com

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