4 Questions Fresh Graduates Should Ask Before Joining An MNC

It’s a confusing world out there after your graduation. Degree in hand, many questions are bound to pop up in your head. “Should I work at a large company or a startup?” “Will I learn enough or will I get bored of the job after a month?” “What if I don’t find something relevant to my major?”

Why not let a fresh grad offer per perspectives on corporate life? Brendal Chung recently joined Capgemini, one of the world’s largest consulting, technology, and outsourcing companies. Find out more about Capgemini and the company’s admirable culture, through the words of a new graduate!

Brendal Chung, Associate Consultant, Capgemini

I joined the Capgemini Graduate Program in September 2015. During my time in the program I worked onsite with a client for a project and was also in the solution team for RFP (request for proposal) responses and bid management.

  1. Why did you join the Capgemini graduate program?

Capgemini is a global company and is growing rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region. The interview process was very informative, and I also met a lot of people from different backgrounds who were very engaging and experienced. I joined the program because I wanted to work with people who are experienced, and I felt that Capgemini was where I wanted to start my career as a graduate.

  1. How has the graduate program benefited you?

During the program I worked both on a project and for solutions team, and I felt that I managed to cover both breadth and depth in my work. Breadth-wise; working in solutions has given me countless insights into a wide range as I am working on opportunities from different industries, different technologies, and in different countries. Depth-wise; working onsite and offsite for a project has really helped me understand different aspects of the project, such as budgeting, financials, and PMO (project management office) activities. It’s been very rewarding so far!

  1. What do you enjoy the most about working for Capgemini?

The responsibility. Even as a new member of the company, I feel that I don’t really do admin or ad-hoc tasks and that I am actually of value when contributing to both teams and Capgemini as a whole. I am working directly with the client on issues such as billing and approvals. I am the bid manager for a wide variety of opportunities. And I am working with colleagues ranging up till the Vice-President level collaborating on tasks such as revenue forecast and project resourcing.

  1. Tell us about the culture at Capgemini and what you like about it.

The diversity at Capgemini is great; I work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, and levels!

I feel comfortable talking to anyone and working with them. I don’t feel like I’m just a graduate. Everyone is very supportive regardless of what level they are within the organisation, and are willing to offer guidance and help you achieve your personal career goals!

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