HackerTrail’s Very Own Market Map

Greeting Hackers!

HackerTrail always strive to serve you better. With that in mind, we are initiating to create market maps on several tech job families in Singapore. We hope that this will increase the visibility on tech talents’ profiles in Singapore.

Our market maps will cover one out of 14 tech job families from our database, along with their education level, visa requirements, as well as their Singapore residential status.

We belief that the information on this market map will greatly add value to your hiring process, and help you make an informed decision to strategize in recruiting the best tech talents for your company.

The 14 job families which we will cover are:

Here is a sneak peak of our first market map on Mobile developers in Singapore.

We are planning to send out this market map regularly once a month to our clients, for the next 13 months. If you are interested in getting these market maps sent straight to your mailbox, click here to subscribe.

We’ll see you next month for the next market map. Stay tuned!