15 Recruiting Trends in 2019

As part of our continuing effort to help our clients and contacts to hire the best tech talents available, we’ve put together some statistics on recruiting trends in 2019, which we hope you may find interesting. With technologists in demand more than ever, 2019 promises to be an interesting recruitment challenge for Singapore’s tech community. Hopefully the following insights will help you prepare…

Infographic: Recruiting Trends in 2019


As you can see, the HackerTrail team has consolidated 15 interesting recruiting trends of 2019, which have been gathered from various parts of the recruitment industry and beyond. For example, 2019 is expected to be a year of growth: 61% of recruiters and hiring managers are looking to hire more talents this year than last.

From the job seeker’s perspective, money seems to be top-of-mind at present: 67% of job seekers list ‘salaries’ as the most important factor when they apply for a job. Employers, prepare yourselves, you may need a little more budget to hire those talented techies than you previously allowed!

But it’s not just money you need to be mindful of… the majority of job seekers, 69% to be precise, would not accept a job from companies with a bad reputation, even if they did get a nice pay increase. That may well because company culture was listed as the number one factor in employee happiness and satisfaction.

And happiness and satisfaction are not to be underestimated when it comes to recruitment. An overwhelming 98% of happy employees said they would refer their peers to apply to apply to work at their company. Why is that important? Because, according to recruiters and hiring managers, a referral has a higher likelihood of converting into a successful hire than any other lead, with 82% rating referrals as the source likely to deliver the highest ROI of all recruitment channels.

So what’s the biggest surprise in here? Maybe it’s the fact that, despite surging demand for tech talent, it’s sales and business development executives that are proving the hardest people to recruit in Singapore.

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If you’re recruiting in Singapore, we wish you the very best of luck for 2019.

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